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Sherlock and John vs Benedict and Martin


A few Benedict watercolors done recently 



Benedict Cumberbatch ft. The CumberCollective @ “The Imitation Game” Premiere during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Oh my god you guys watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I think this is my favorite yet. Even more than Misha’s! There’s nudity in this one too B)

Yey *claps hands*

Yey *claps hands*

Accidently may have suggested to my friends that I’m in love with a flaming-gay actor named Martin Freeman.

I was at lunch, showing them the pictures I uploaded to Tumblr last night on my phone and I may have sent the wrong message…

Me: Here’s Martin Freeman on The Office, the British version. He’s so cute! Isn’t he cute?? Look at him!

My friends: “….”

Me: And here he’s kissing this guy on The Office! Look at his face in the last picture! HE’S SO HILARIOUS.

My friends: Uhh…?!

Me: Here’s something I reblogged. This is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on Sherlock. Martin’s a bit older here, still cute though.

My friends: 

Me [giggling]: And -Oh my gosh- look at these screenshots I took of The Office… He’s so funny!

My friends: Oh my god—?!?

Me: And I got a bunch of pix of him bumming some guy in Ali G Indahouse! LOL!


Me [thinking during swim practice]: Oh god almost all those pictures implied that Martin Freeman radiates flaming rainbows and that I love him because of that.

facepalm john

Not gay, guys! (Except for Sherlock.)

First thought: The Sherlock fandom would spurn my photoshop skills… Plus I’m sure it’d be a bit distasteful, not to mention disrespectful to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman…

Second though: Oh god I will never look at Martin Freeman the same way ever again.