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I’m going to try to convince my mom to name our next kitten “Mycroft”.

Every time my family gets a new cat (they don’t last long out here in coyote country), we all take turns naming them. I was supposed to get to name the last cat we got but my family completely ignored the name I picked out (“Chewbacca”, because he looked like a Wookie!) and taught him a different name, “Max”.


They’re excuse was that they wanted to have all our cats’ names start with the letter “M”, so this time around, I demanded that I get to name the little boy kitten at the animal shelter my mom is thinking about getting. She said to make it start with “M” so my suggestion is “Mycroft”!

She’s not sure whether she likes it or not, but she did say it was growing on her as she thought about it! I’d feel so accomplished if we had a kitten named Mycroft.