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Yey *claps hands*

Yey *claps hands*

Accidently may have suggested to my friends that I’m in love with a flaming-gay actor named Martin Freeman.

I was at lunch, showing them the pictures I uploaded to Tumblr last night on my phone and I may have sent the wrong message…

Me: Here’s Martin Freeman on The Office, the British version. He’s so cute! Isn’t he cute?? Look at him!

My friends: “….”

Me: And here he’s kissing this guy on The Office! Look at his face in the last picture! HE’S SO HILARIOUS.

My friends: Uhh…?!

Me: Here’s something I reblogged. This is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on Sherlock. Martin’s a bit older here, still cute though.

My friends: 

Me [giggling]: And -Oh my gosh- look at these screenshots I took of The Office… He’s so funny!

My friends: Oh my god—?!?

Me: And I got a bunch of pix of him bumming some guy in Ali G Indahouse! LOL!


Me [thinking during swim practice]: Oh god almost all those pictures implied that Martin Freeman radiates flaming rainbows and that I love him because of that.

facepalm john

Not gay, guys! (Except for Sherlock.)

This is what happens when I watch 6 hours of Martin Freeman on The Office within a 24-hour period.

This is what happens when I watch 6 hours of Martin Freeman on The Office within a 24-hour period.

Sorry, Sherls! I might just marry this man before you do!

Martin Freeman is a bloody riot on The Office!!

I’m giggling like a little school girl.

Martin Freeman,

First thought: The Sherlock fandom would spurn my photoshop skills… Plus I’m sure it’d be a bit distasteful, not to mention disrespectful to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman…

Second though: Oh god I will never look at Martin Freeman the same way ever again.

Oh my god! I’m laughing so hard right now.
Martin Freeman and Jonathan Aris (He played Anderson on Sherlock) appear together in Ali G Indahouse!
This is brilliant.

Oh my god! I’m laughing so hard right now.

Martin Freeman and Jonathan Aris (He played Anderson on Sherlock) appear together in Ali G Indahouse!

This is brilliant.



John’s stopped correcting people about their assumption that he and Sherlock are a couple. Why? Well, it doesn’t really matter what people think, particularly not in this case. They’re nowhere near home, these are people John will never see again, it doesn’t matter if they think Sherlock and John sleeping together. So why bother correcting this fellow? It’s pointless.

This is the first time we see John decide to stop correcting people on this point. And given that he starts to, as if by habit, and then changes his mind, this might be the first time he has ever made that decision.

This scene, obviously, comes after his frustrated “we’re not a couple!” to Irene Adler. He is exasperated that time around, exhausted and annoyed by the (likely constant) assumption. And Irene corrects him. Given the look on his face then, I think he took that correction to heart on some level. Because she was right: they are a couple, even if they aren’t a traditional one. 

You can read this scene as an echo of that conversation, as an acknowledgement of Irene’s assessment of them. The truth of their relationship is too complicated to explain to a man who runs an Inn in Dartmoor and just handed over a room key. It’s not the kind of thing there’s any simple language for. John’s not about to sit down with a perfect stranger and explain the whole thing. So there’s really only one option: just smile and nod. Close enough.

But it’s slightly more complicated than that. As we know, John appears to have given up on dating at this point. He had a string of girlfriends Sherlock rhymes off in Scandal, but no more after that. It was too obvious that he couldn’t keep track of them, and that Sherlock was always his top priority anyway. The women weren’t so into that arrangement, as it turns out.

So he’s stopped. What made him do that? Was it his girlfriend dumping him for being such a good boyfriend to Sherlock? Or was it Irene’s honest and truthful assessment of them? He acknowledges that his life isn’t compatible with long-term relationships (except for one). He has, in effect, chosen Sherlock. So is it wrong that someone thinks they’re a couple? Not really. They are, exactly in the way Irene suggested they were. And John’s hesitation can be read as his acknowledgement of that.

The owner of the Inn is apologizing to John over the lack of a double bed in their room. What does this suggest? John tried to book a room. Not two rooms, one room. If he had led with, “I’d like to book two rooms,” and the owner said, “Sorry, I only have one available, but it’s got two beds in it,” he wouldn’t have assumed John and Sherlock were a couple in the first place, and he wouldn’t need to apologize for the twin beds. So John must have asked for one room, assuming a double bed. So John intended to share a double bed with Sherlock.

In sum: John has stopped dating, has stopped correcting the assumption that he and Sherlock are a couple, has arguably accepted that he is in fact in a long-term relationship with Sherlock, and books a room anticipating sharing a bed with him.

This, my friends, is canon.

of course it’s canon. we all know it’s canon…

That’s probably the one thing that really, really struck me about this series. I’ve seen my share of slash on Tumblr.. So I wasn’t surprised when Johnlock stuff started showing up everywhere, I just started accepting it and it was probably the reason why I wanted to watch this show so badly.. But while I was watching each episode, there was always those moments when I was wondering if the writers were actually trying to embrace what all these fangirls were concocting on the internet..

The first time I felt genuine surprise at the circumstances was when John and Sherlock were in a cafe and Sherlock though John was interested in him..

Dr John Watson: You don’t have a girlfriend then? 
Sherlock Holmes: Girlfriend? No, not really my area. 
Dr John Watson: Alright… Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way. 
Sherlock Holmes: I know it’s fine. 
Dr John Watson: So you got a boyfriend? 
Sherlock Holmes: No. 
Dr John Watson: Right. Okay. You’re unattached. Like me. Fine. Good. 
Sherlock Holmes: John, erm… I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work, and while I’m flattered by your interest, I’m really not looking for any… 
Dr John Watson: No. I’m… not asking. No. I’m just saying, it’s all fine. 
Sherlock Holmes: Good. Thank you. 

I honestly was taken aback at how much that sounded like it’d come straight out of a fanfiction. Absolutely, adorably, awkwardly, absurd. That’s one of the reasons I got hooked so quickly, this show kept on surprising me. Another example: how they rolled right into season two with Moriarty’s ringtone (lmfao)! I mean, what other show could pull that off? This will forever be one of my favorite television series of all-time.

Well I suppose to sum up my ramblings: