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Do you shit Johnlock?


ok but can you imagine when cas finds out dean is alive, how happy and relieved he’ll be, and then he finds out that he’s a demon, and how the color will drain from his face, how he’ll whisper, “no”, how his heart will shatter into a thousand pieces all over again, how he will probably partially blame himself for not being good enough to save dean?

this reunion can only be seconded by the 2 years I waited to see Sherlock and John reunited.

Just found out that the actors who play Charles Magnussen from Sherlock season 3 (Lars Mikkelsen) and Hannibal Lector from Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) are brothers!

Did anyone know this? Did everyone know this already and I’m just figuring it out??

It’s really taking a lot of my willpower to resist reading fanfiction at my grandma’s 90th birthday party.

Can anyone tell me what Sherlock said here? Keep playing it over and over and I can't quite catch it.
Mary: Come on, husband, let's go.
John: This is no waltz, is it?
Sherlock: Don't worry, Mary. [. . .?]
John: He did, you know. Baker Street. Behind closed curtains. Mrs. Hudson came in one time. Don't know how those rumors started!
Sherlock: Why are you out of breath?
Mycroft: Filing.
Sherlock: Either I've caught you in a compromising position, or you've been working out again. Favor the latter..
Rewatching The Sign of Three for the best <3Lestrade<3 moments!



So how likely is it that Greg was talking to Mycroft on the phone in this scene? Not very likely? Okay, sorry #headcanon #mystradeiscanon

imageOMG Greg’s adorable glasses stole the scene! I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off Lestrade’s hilarious bobbing head in the bottom of this shot, even the first time I watched this.

imageYeah this little giggle was just adorable, sorry. Moving on.

imageThe next time you watch The Sign of Three, check out Greg watching Mary and John dance. He has the goofiest grin on his face. It’s almost like he’s drunk, seriously adorable.


imageAt this point in the episode, I nearly strained something trying to see if Greg was dancing in the background. I worried at first because it seemed like the blurry figure in the back was him and it didn’t look like he was even swaying, but then just as Sherlock is leaving I think I spotted him and he was jiggin’ :D So awesome.

This Gregory Lestrade appreciation post has been approved by Mycroft.




Yeahh so I know that the horns have been mentioned before, but I just noticed this thing behind Mycroft looks like angel wings and I dunno I just felt like screencapping it.

And then scribbling all over it. Yeah, make your own theories; I just happened to notice it this time through The Sign of Three.

Sherlock doodles during class.

Sherlock doodles during class.